Custom Suit, Dress, Bridesmaid, Wedding Gown Tailor, Long Valley New Jersey

Custom Suit, Dress, Bridesmaid, Wedding Gown Tailor, Mendham New Jersey

Custom Suit, Dress, Bridesmaid, Wedding Gown Tailor, Long Valley New Jersey

Wedding Dresses Long Valley New Jersey

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every bride should feel beautiful and confident in her wedding dress. After you’ve picked out your wedding gown, bring it to us to ensure a perfect fit.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we will work with you to get the job done so you can truly enjoy wearing your wedding gown in the mirror and at the wedding. And don’t forget how great you’ll look in all the pictures that you can enjoy for years to come.

For star-quality wedding gown alterations in Morris County, New Jersey, call us at 908.879.4186 or drop in.


Bridesmaid Dresses Long Valley New Jersey

Your bridesmaid dresses should be a stunning complement to the design of your wedding dress, as well as the overall wedding aesthetic. Each bridesmaid dress should also fit perfectly and look beautiful, which is why you want a master tailor for your bridesmaid dress needs.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we can ensure the perfect fit for your bridesmaid dresses so they meet your expectations for the look and feel of your wedding.

For star-quality bridesmaid dress tailoring services in New Jersey, call us at 908.879.4186 or drop in.


Children’s Clothing Long Valley New Jersey

As a parent, you want your kids to feel good about how they look and to look good wherever they go. But, just because they are growing up fast doesn’t mean their clothes should be generic or boring. Fortunately, stylish, well-fitting children’s clothing is within reach at Elegant Custom Tailoring!

Whether your kids need a tuxedo or dress fitted for a family wedding, alterations to a costume for a school play, or if a favorite outfit needs a few adjustments to make it last longer, we can help. At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we offer the same fantastic tailoring services for children’s clothing that we do for adult garments.

Each piece we adjust will fit your child perfectly and match their unique personality. What’s more, with a little planning, custom-fitted children’s clothing can last longer than off-the-rack sizes – even if your kids are growing fast!

To learn more about our children’s clothing alteration services, please call us at 908.879.4186 or stop by.


Formal Attire Long Valley New Jersey

Everybody needs at least one piece of formal attire to wear at events such as weddings, funerals, and graduations. And, because most of us don’t wear formal attire regularly, you want to make sure that it looks stunning and fits perfectly when you do wear it.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we have decades of experience custom-fitting and altering formal attire from suits and tuxedos to dresses and gowns. We’ll take your measurements, ask you about your style goals, and adjust the garment as needed until you are more than satisfied.

Our goal is to provide you with a perfectly-fitted piece of formal attire that you can feel confident wearing on the occasions that call for it. So, whether you need alterations for a tuxedo, suit, dress, or gown, please contact us when you need us, or drop in.


Prom Dresses Long Valley New Jersey

For many young women, prom is among the most memorable, fun, and special moments in their high school career. While friends, dates, and dancing make the prom exciting, there’s no escaping the fact that the prom dresses are an essential part of this event.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we understand just how important a beautiful prom dress can be. To help make sure that your prom is an unforgettable event, we can custom alter your dress to ensure a perfect fit.

As with our wedding dress services, we’ll meet with you to understand exactly what you want in a prom dress. From there, we’ll take measurements and alter your dress to the style and fit that you desire.

We offer quality prom dress tailoring services in Morris County, New Jersey, so keep us in mind during prom time and call us at 908.879.4186.


Tailored Suits and Suit Repairs Long Valley New Jersey

Some people only require one suit in their closet, while others need many. Regardless of how often you wear it, a versatile, custom-fitted suit is one of the most important items in a person’s wardrobe. When fitted properly, a suit will always make a strong first impression and can be worn at almost any occasion, from business meetings to dinners out.

Off-the-rack suits, even those in a specific size such as 42 long, are built to be worn by people of different shapes and builds. For a truly perfect fit, you need to take your off-the-rack suit to a tailor. They will ensure that the fit matches your body perfectly.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, our expert tailors can custom-fit a suit that you’ll truly love to wear. We can also replace your worn-out lining and breathe new life into your favorite suits.

Because every inch of your suit matters, we begin by taking your specific measurements. Regardless of what the suit is for, we’ll ensure that everything is the proper length, angle, and dimensions for your frame. This means that you’ll always look great, and have the freedom to move in ways that off-the-rack suits don’t allow.

For quality tailored suits and suit repairs in Chester, NJ, call 908.879.4186 to try us.


Leather Alterations Long Valley New Jersey

Leather is a timeless material that can add weight, elegance, and gravity to your wardrobe. When cared for properly, it can also last for decades. Of course, if you use your leather jackets and other garments on a regular basis, they will suffer normal wear and tear.

We will assess your garments and provide you with a list of alteration options. We also promise to take the utmost care with your leather. Bring us your leather items or contact us for more information.


Sports Jacket Long Valley New Jersey

A well-fitted sports jacket is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Putting one on over a dress shirt will instantly change how people perceive you – if, of course, it is fitted properly. As one of the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe, the sports jacket can be dressed up or down and is suitable for almost any occasion.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we have extensive experience custom-fitting sports jackets for our clients. For alterations, we can adjust everything from sleeve length to interior fabrics.

When it comes to custom-fitted sports jackets, few items will serve you better year after year. We’ll take your measurements and adjust your sports jacket to fit you right.

Drop in for a look at our sports jackets or bring yours in for alterations.


Tuxedo Rentals Long Valley New Jersey

Though not every man needs to own a tuxedo, there are certain occasions where one must be worn, such as black-tie events. Even if you don’t attend enough of these to warrant owning a tuxedo, you still want to look great in the one you rent.

To make sure you are always prepared for any formal occasion, Elegant Custom Tailoring offers a great selection of tuxedo rentals in a huge variety of styles. Our tuxedo rentals include options for vests, shoes, ties, bowties, cufflinks and more – everything you need to complete your formal outfit.

Come in for a fitting, and once we have your size, we can have the tuxedo shipped to our location on-time for your event. Please contact us for more information.


Buttons and Zipper Repair Long Valley New Jersey

Due to their heavy use, buttons and zippers are among the most common clothing details that need to be adjusted or repaired. Not only are they essential to the function of your garment, but they are also a key part of its look. A dress shirt or a sports jacket that’s missing a button is not okay to wear, nor are pants with a broken zipper!

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we stock many different buttons and zippers and can adjust them on any garment you need. We can also replace entire zipper systems on jackets, pants, and other clothing.

Unlike many other tailoring shops, we offer quick and convenient button and zipper repair. We understand that a lost button can ruin an outfit, so we are always available for fast adjustments.

Keep us in mind for quick help with buttons or zippers. You can contact us here.


Dress Shirts Long Valley New Jersey

Loose, billowy dress shirts, or dress shirts with the wrong sleeve length, can ruin your outfit. Ill-fitting clothes are painfully noticeable, whether we like it or not.

On the other hand, a custom-fitted dress shirt that matches your exact measurements is a true luxury that can transform the way you look and feel in your clothes. When you have dress shirts that fit, people will notice.

Custom-fitted dress shirts also offer a range of benefits. These include a superior range of motion, more comfort around your neck, chest, and back, and, of course, elevating your personal style.

We start by taking your measurements, which means that our dress shirt alterations ensure a better fit than anything you wear off the rack. This ensures that you have something that will look good on you every single day. We also offer monogramming services to elevate your custom look even further.

We are here to help, so contact us for your dress shirt needs.


Pants Long Valley New Jersey

Pants are among the most difficult pieces of clothing to find at retail stores or online that fit you properly. As with other mass-produced clothes, pants of a certain ‘size’ are built to fit a variety of people. The only way to ensure a perfect fit, both in terms of waist size and leg length, is with a tailor.

At Elegant Custom Tailoring, we specialize in altering pants so they fit you perfectly. By taking your measurements and understanding what outfits your pants will be worn with, we can create a fitted piece that you’ll love to wear. From suit pants and business slacks to chinos and casual styles, we have the skill and expertise to alter any pants you bring in.

When visiting us, we suggest bringing a favorite outfit (jacket, dress shirt, and shoes), so we can tailor the pants to the rest of your wardrobe.

We guarantee that you will notice the difference immediately both in terms of style and comfort, so stop by our retail location – we’ll be glad to help.


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